Routine game has got its first gameplay trailer

Routine game has got its first gameplay trailer by  5614 views

Today Lunar Software company has published the first Routine gameplay trailer.

Although we know a little about this new game and its features, but we still want to share with you some confirmed information about this project. So, Routine is non-linear game, developed in the genre of first-person survival horror with the elements of the exploration, the actions of which are unfolded on an abandoned station on the Moon. At the first glance, the station seems to be abandoned, but in fact all people who were there, just disappeared and your task is to find out why. You will have to hide from the different dangers, because even the most insignificant object, at first glance, can cause instant death. So you need to be very cautious and careful, if you want to play the game to the end.

Routine gameplay trailer, which you can watch below, shows us the first game’s locations on the moon station, the data loading system and the way of salvation from various threats, which, as you'll see later, there are plenty.

Routine game is being developed for PC and Mac. It is scheduled to be released later this year.

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