Razer Edge: first tablet for gamers

Razer Edge: first tablet for gamers by  4333 views

During last few years tablets successfully win the hearts and the desks of people all over the world, but for gamers these devices were always too simple and low-powered. This year we are going to see the first full-fledged tablet for gamers, that can even replace personal computers and consoles. Firstly announced on CES in the beginning of the year, recently Razer Edge got new trailer, that demonstrates its amazing functionality.


Razer Edge is created for gamers and by gamers. This tablet combines third generation Intel Core processor and fantastic NVIDIA GeForce graphics and that's why it is perfect for gaming. Thanks to Windows 8 operating system Razer Edge gives users the ability to choose almost any PC-game and enjoy comfortable and striking gaming process.


An the most interesting detail: Razer Edge is changeable and so it can be used as tablet, as PC or as home and mobile console. Also this device is equipped with perfect accessories for convenient gaming. There are two models of Razer Edge with different characteristics: Razer Edge and Razer Edge Pro. First one will cost $999 and the second one - $1299. To find out more about first tablet for gamers watch the official trailer:

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