Quantum Rush: Champions game is out now in Early Access on Steam

Quantum Rush: Champions game is out now in Early Access on Steam by  2595 views

Do you like the unstoppably fun racing? Are you fond of the thrilling futuristic locations? Then the new Quantum Rush: Champions game will be to your taste! This action-packed online project for PC, which is currently being developed by GameArt Studio, has just become available in Early Access on Steam. Check out its latest trailer below:

The new Quantum Rush: Champions game offers the players an incredible racing experience on the large earth and space tracks. They will slip into the roles of hover vehicle drivers who are intended to fight against the AI pilots. In Early Access, the gamers are able to try four different types of challenges:

  • the Single Race, in which the players will have to compete for the best position in the ratings;
  • in the Damage Control mission, the main task is to avoid any collisions while the speed of a vehicle rises higher;
  • the Death Match intends the gamers to defeat as many opponents as possible;
  • in the Against the Clock challenge, the players shouldn’t race on the bottom-placed positions, because these places will be eliminated after a while;
  • the Boss Fights are the most complicated missions in this project. The players will have to improve their skills in order to complete the tasks successfully.

Besides that, the new Quantum Rush: Champions game includes a special system, which helps upgrade and modify the vehicles, several types of weapons and different racers, each of whom owns various capabilities.

So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself into the exciting world of high-speed races, then go to the Quantum Rush: Champions game’s official page on Steam to try the new project right now!