PS4: video teaser is a fake

PS4: video teaser is a fake by  3241 views

Yesterday, a video that reveals the final design of the PlayStation 4, which Sony has supposedly shot for E3, was appeared in the network. This event has immediately caused the realm wave of the guesses and assumptions about whether it was a fake or an information leak.

The video, being so rhythmical and really top quality, where you can see a lot of different people pulled up, in the eyes of which a logo of so long-awaited PS4 next-generation console appears, was............. a fake. Today Sony (after Kotaku) has officially announced this.

This video may well be the creation of one of many PlayStation 4 fans, which has used one of the alleged earlier designs of next-generation console. And while we are expecting PS4 release (or at least some reliable information about it), we invite you to enjoy this truly professional teaser: