New Sabotage trailer features Arnold Schwarzenegger (movie)

New Sabotage trailer features Arnold Schwarzenegger (movie) by  3341 views

You may probably know that this spring the new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is full of violence and blood, will hit the cinemas. But we are not sure that you have already watched the new Sabotage trailer that appeared in the network a couple of days ago.


Sabotage movie is a crime drama that tells about a squad of Drug Enforcement Administration. The team is going to arrest a gang of gangsters, but during this difficult operation someone steals a bunch of dirty money. The investigation starts, but the main problem is a strange assassin, who kills the member of the squad one by one. Will Arnold Schwarzenegger's character and his team be able to find the murderer, money and justice? To get to know the answer, we have to wait until spring.

But already today, you can watch the 3-minute long Sabotage trailer, from which you will find out much more about the upcoming action. Moreover, in the video you can see the main actors who stars in the movie - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam Worthington, Olivia Williams and Josh Holloway.

How do you like the new Sabotage trailer? Are you going to watch this film? Write in the comments below and let us remind you that Sabotage movie will be released on the 28th of May in USA and at the beginning of May in Europe.