New PS4 video and a chance to win your console!

New PS4 video and a chance to win your console! by  4833 views

Sony doesn’t stop advertising its new-gen console by all possible and impossible ways. Not so long ago we showed you the ad, which, according to Sony’s experts, describres the perfect day of a console gamer, and today we want to share one more PS4 video, that appeared yesterday.

Thus, new PlayStation 4 trailer is called "PlayStation - For The Players Since 1995", and shows us the evolution of all PlayStation consoles since 1995. But not only one generation of consoles replaces another one, but also the environment, the way of life, the gamers’ clothes, and the players themselves changed a lot during these nearly two decades. But we won’t keep you waiting no more, so we just offer to make a short journey into the past, watching new promotional PS4 video:

In addition, Sony has announced a competition for those who want to get their PS4 consoles. So, on a special page you will need to specify the correct order in which the cross, the square, the circle and the triangle are shown in the video (watch it attentively!). And if you're lucky, you'll be one of 20 winners, who will receive PS4 console. But now we have to specify, that this contest is valid only for the residents of the UK, so we should only hope that in the near future the gamers of other regions will be pleased with something similar.

Would you like to participate in this competition, or you're not a fan of consoles? Your comments you can leave at the bottom of the page.

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