New Need For Speed movie trailer is presented ​​(MOVIE)

New Need For Speed movie trailer is presented ​​(MOVIE) by  3425 views

Need For Speed film will be released in March 2014, and in order to remind us about this long-awaited and very important event, Need For Speed full length trailer was published on the official video channel of the project.

This 2-minutes long video shows us the protagonist of the future movie - car mechanic and street racer Tobey, who was accused and convicted of committing a crime he didn’t do. So when Tobey - the role of which Aaron Paul is playing - went from the prison, he has only one goal - to find the guilty person and avenge his friend's death and his lost years. So, as you can guess, Need For Speed film (and first of all this trailer) will bring us lots of action, races, fights, shooting and adventures. And while we are waiting for the release of this masterwork, we suggest you to watch this really cool and exciting Need For Speed movie trailer, presented below. Watch, enjoy and do not forget to leave your comments about the video or the upcoming movie at the bottom of the page.