New Dota 2 hero

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New weekly MOBA-Arena Dota 2 patch  from Valve brought not only classic gameplay and graphics changes, but also a new hero! The long-awaited Medusa finally taken its place among the other famous fighters already ported in the game.

Medusa has 4 active abilities:

Split Shot (splits the shot into 5 parts, which cause reduced damage, although the total exceeds the base, and does not require mana)

Mystic Snake ( snake that makes a few jumps from enemy to enemy, collecting mana and dealing damage, and then comes back and replenish the hero's mana )


Mana Shield (protective shield that absorbs 50% of damage, but consumes mana only with damage, but not for the time of use)

Ultimate, Stone Gaze (the same as the Gorgon’s power: turns all enemies in sight in stone).

The gameplay and mechanics of skills you can see in our video below!

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