New details about Deep Down game were revealed

New details about Deep Down game were revealed by  5471 views

While almost all game developers are resting, Capcom does everything to please its fans. Last week we reported about new screenshots and trailer of Deep Down game, and today are ready to present new details about this project, which have been revealed today.


Thus, it has become known that together with swords and spells the main game's character will get a very special weapon. It is a two-handed sword, which can deal a great damage and so will be very useful in dark and dangerous dungeons.

Also it is interesting that Deep Down game will get a shared world like the one in Dark Souls. You will be able to find a dead body of another gamer's character and take all his weapons, armor and additional items. Moreover, it has become known that feeling which characterize a dungeon will influence on the way it looks, but how it is going to be hasn't been announced yet.

And the last present for the Deep Down game's fans - the details about its plot. The project's events will start in New York. Your hero will get a task to investigate the mysterious underground city that has been discovered in the Czech Republic. And it seems that this trip will be unforgettable.

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