New Destiny’s screenshots have been presented online

New Destiny’s screenshots have been presented online by  2017 views

New screenshots of the Destiny game were published on the official PlayStation’s Tumblr page. This new shooter is being developed by the creator of the extremely popular Halo series - Bungie company.

We must say that these new Destiny's screenshots look quite impressive. They show us the game’s characters with a sci-fi weapon, new interesting locations, enemies and battle scenes among players and aliens.

Destiny is a multiplayer online first-person shooter, which story is set on planet Earth of the XXVIII century. The players will try on the role of The Guardians. They will have to team up to protect the planet from the alien invaders and reclaim all the lost territory.

Bungie says that Destiny's multiplayer is going to be more lethal and thrilling than Halo's. The users will get an opportunity to choose from three races and three classes. Besides that, the Destiny game will have an open world and most missions are promised to be hard to finish, so that players must give their best for a successful final.

A Destiny’s beta-version is coming this summer. The whole release of the Destiny game for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 is announced for September 9th, 2014. It’s also possible that PC version of the game will come out, but a little bit later. Bungie needs more time for its adaptation and adjustment.


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