New Bourne film has got the release date (movie)

New Bourne film has got the release date (movie) by  2595 views

Have you missed the movies about Jason Bourne super agent and his followers? Then we have got pleasant news for you: the next chapter in Bourne franchise is already under development and the date, when the movie will hit the cinemas, was officially announced yesterday.

Next, untitled for the present, Bourne film will appear on the 14th of August in 2015. This action-spy movie will again feature Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross and will tell us the new details about his adventures. The original star of the movie series - Matt Damon - won't take part in this blockbuster.


The film has already got the director and the script writer. The chair of the first one has been taken by Justin Lin, who previously directed several Fast and Furious movies. The plot of the next Bourne film will be written by Anthony Peckham - the one, who was working on Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes.

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