New Bound by Flame screenshots have appeared

New Bound by Flame screenshots have appeared by  2802 views

This upcoming RPG is to be released on May 9, 2014 for the current-gen consoles, PS4 and PC. So, recently Focus Home company has published several new Bound by Flame screenshots, and we want to share these images with you, dear readers.

The Bound by Flame screenshots reveal some terrifying creatures, which you are going to face while taking the quests.


According to the developer - Spiders studio, - in the new game the beasts look very thrilling and the variety of them simply impresses. The published Bound by Flame screenshots show just a small part of the huge demons’ amount that the players will meet on their way. During the spectacular battles the creatures will do everything to turn the life of the main character into a real hell. After all, each of the monster has its unique skills and attacks. However the gamers will be able to resist the demons thanks to the developed crafting system, which will help to improve the armour and to create the different types of mortal weapon.

Some true gamers have already compared the fresh Bound by Flame screenshots with the images from such famous projects as Dragon Age, Dark Souls and Deep Down.

And do you see something similar between Bound by Flame and the games, mentioned above? Are you interested in the upcoming RPG?