New BioShock: Infinite trailer will show the Elizabeth creating process.

New BioShock: Infinite trailer will show the Elizabeth creating process. by  7633 views
Irrational Games released the video, which reveals how the main BioShock: Infinite character had been created. The developers had to invite four real girls, who not only voiced Elizabeth, but also have invested a part of themselves into the heroine, in order to make players get in touch with her image more closer.

Elizabeth - is the salvation and the destruction of Columbia, a character whose abilities scare not only ordinary residents of the city, but also a lot of her enemies.

We also found out that the BioShock: Infinite console version has significant problems, both with technical and graphical parts. One of the journalists, who have already played Xbox 360 version, said:

"Constant appearance of blurry textures and game’s freezes really spoil the fun, although in recent time the first and the second are the usual moments for multiplatform games".

As for the BioShock’ Mac version, the Aspyr publishing company has recently began the development of the series for the Apple’s OS X. The company promises to release BioShock Infinite in summer 2013.

And the other day the creative director of Irrational Games, Ken Levine, declared that the company has no plans for multiplayer in the game. He also said:

“I was the first guy who said, ‘Look, let’s try [multiplayer]‘ but it was tough, because it had to be something unique to us. The first game we made that didn’t have multiplayer was BioShock, and it was by far our most successful game. And so, I think the last thing we wanna do is throw this thing in the box just so we can put a bullet point.”

BioShock Infinite release date is scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.