Naughty Dog hints on the release date of...?

Naughty Dog hints on the release date of...? by  6491 views
One of The Last of Us screenshots has an interesting sign that can be a hint of the new Naughty Dog project . At the moment, the company did not make any announcements, but the text "evacuate by 8 p.m. 17 October 2013" speaks for itself.

As we all know, the developers do not do anything for no reason, and the Naughty Dog has once hide a project’s announcement date in the other game (there was a reference to The Last of Us in Uncharted 3). This time it may be the PS4 game release date or the Uncharted 4 trailer (which is unlikely), and even may be PS4 sales open.

We would like to remind that The Last of Us release will take place on June 14 this year. What do you expect from the PS4? What kind of games for the new console you would like to see in the nearest future?

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