MYO: controller of future

MYO: controller of future by  5691 views

While the whole gaming world is talking about brand-new PlayStation 4 and waiting for Xbox 720 presentation, small Canadian company released very interesting and innovative device that soon can change our idea about controllers.


MYO allows managing different digital devices by the wave of your hand. For example, using it you can stop music by snap of fingers or kill opponents in video game, making gun with your hands. It is bracelet that understands any activity of your muscles and transforms it into electrical signal. The developers created special API for everyone, who wants to implement MYO controlling to the digital device, so if it is popular, soon the owners of this gadget will be able to manage PC, TV, console, mobile phone and so on, using it. We advise you to watch video about MYO to see this magic on your own eyes:

You can preorder MYO right now from the official site of the developers, but it will be shipped only in the end of the year. This innovative controller of future costs $149.

Would you like to buy MYO or simple old-school controllers are better anyway? Write your opinion in the comments below!