Microsoft is building a hall for new Xbox reveal

Microsoft is building a hall for new Xbox reveal by  3893 views

We have already seen the presentation of the next-generation console from Sony, and now everyone is waiting for its eternal rival - Microsoft's Xbox. Recently we got the rumor that the new console will be named as Xbox Infinity, and we know exactly that it will be revealed on the 21st of May.

Till today we haven't had the exact place for Xbox presentation, but a few hours ago several Microsoft representatives opened the veil of mystery and again proved that Microsoft does things in style. Instead of reserving some hall for presentation, the company is building it! And already now we have several photos of the future building and know that it is situated in Redmond, Washington, as well as the headquarters of Microsoft.



Xbox Infinity will be officially presented on the 21st of May at 5pm GMT. If you are not in Redmond at this moment, you will be able to see the presentation in real time on or directly from your Xbox 360.