Marvelous Xbox One launch night (videos and photos)

Marvelous Xbox One launch night (videos and photos) by  3506 views

You may like Xbox One or not, but you should agree that the guys from Microsoft can create really amazing events to promote their products. This time we are talking about the big day, on which Xbox One was released. The whole night many cities in the world were celebrating the console's launch.

First of all, there were lots of preparations. Microsoft has created several beautiful stages, on which the events were held. This is how London was decorated:


Here are the shots from Los Angeles:


And this pretty Xbox Mouse was also from L.A:


In New York the visitors could actually try new console and some launch games:


On this photo you can see how the American stage looked like late at night:


And the night in Berlin was the following:


Also Microsoft has "invited" the characters from the games for Xbox One. Here are they:



And lots of people came to get their next-gen consoles:


Zombies from Dead Rising 3 also were in the queue dreaming to get the Xbox One:


And finally the console has been delivered!


This guy was the first in the New York's line:


And this man actually was the first in the world who had bought the console. See how happy he is. By the way, this photo was taken in New Zealand.


And the last shot is from Twitter-account of other lucky owner of Xbox One. He has already prepared for the game:


If photos haven't convinced you how interesting was this night for Xbox fans, we advise you to watch the videos from Microsoft, on which there is a montage from the show in New York. First video demonstrates Forza-styled race and the invasion of zombies:

And the second one - the people, who were there:

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