Magic: The Gathering: the movie is coming! (movie)

Magic: The Gathering: the movie is coming! (movie) by  2241 views

20th Century Fox, the famous American film company, has confirmed the information about the developing of a Magic: The Gathering movie, which film story is based on the popular card game. 20th Century Fox has already bought the screen rights from Hasbro company, and, we must say, the plans for this movie are ambitious.

According to the Fox representatives, the studio hopes to make the whole series of movies, which is expected to become a blockbuster like Lord Of The Rings and Harry Potter. Well, it’s not a surprise! The script to the Magic: The Gathering movie will be created by Simon Kinberg, who worked as a writer for such films as Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Sherlock Holmes and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He also produced the adaptation of the X-Men and Fantastic Four universes for filming.

Hasbro CEO, Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis, and Wizards of the Coast president, Greg Leeds, will become the executive producers of the movie. As for what story in the Magic: The Gathering movie might be, who’s going to cast or exact terms of screening - the information is still being unknown.

The Magic: The Gathering game, introduced in 1993, was the first collectible card game in the world. Since then it has been translated into the video games, books and comics, which are widely popular among fantasy fans.

And now we can only imagine how the Magic: The Gathering movie will look like, but we hope it’s going to be something awesome. Stay with us to follow the latest news from the movie creators!