Lost Planet 3: new screenshots, trailer

Lost Planet 3: new screenshots, trailer by  4922 views

Capcom company has released a new set of screenshots and the first trailer for the multiplayer mode of shooter Lost Planet 3. 

Video shows multiplayer battles which taking place between the military research corporation NEVEC, arrived at the snow-covered desert planet E.D.N. 3, and Snow pirates, living here for a long time.

The game includes 6 maps and has four modes, but Capcom has told us so far only about two of them: Scenario Mode and Akrid Survival. In the first mode 2 teams are pushed, their purpose  will be the defense or the attack depending on the game’s conditions. In Akrid Survival 3 teams of 3 players will have to defend themselves from attacks of insect-like akrides, and after the complete destruction of the last ones, players will have to fight with each other for the right to be the winner.

We only can hope that these innovations are enough to captivate the current advanced gamer.

While waiting for Lost Planet 3, which will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in Europe on August 30 of this year, we suggest you to look through the latest game’s screenshots.