League of Legends - fantastic cinematic video

League of Legends - fantastic cinematic video by  5154 views

Yesterday, Riot Games company, the developer of the world-renowned League of Legends game, released a truly impressive League of Legends video.

Video shows us the really exciting battles of game’s protagonists. But the most surprising and worthy of special mention thing is how well and detailed each character was worked out in the video (which, by the way, was being created almost a year!). We see them up close, distinguish the features of their faces, notice their special strikes and the slightest movements, that is not possible in a rough League of Legends gameplay. It’s extremely difficult, but thanks to the selected format and the efforts of Riot Games employees, we are able to enjoy the battles of the main characters (Tibbers and Garen), as well as classic LoL in its cinematic version. But we offer you to evaluate the video and its quality, just watching it:

In addition, the game's developers have published their behind-the-scenes League of Legends video, in which they tried to explain how they created League of Legends video, which difficulties they were faced with transfering the main characters, and how they solved them in the end.

For those who do not know, we would like to explain that League of Legends is a video game in the genre of MOBA, which was released in 2009 and which is the largest and the most popular game among all MMO. So, if you are not playing it, it's never too late to start.