Just Tactics game was released

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In recent years the game developers haven't pleased us with new interesting turn-based strategies, but finally we've got something really interesting. Just Tactics game, that was released on the 28th of March, looks very promising and exciting.

Just Tactics is a turn-based strategy online game that is based on the deterministic system, but not on the random mechanics. Here your victory depends only on your strategy and skills, so the developers are proud to bring Just Tactics game into line with chess. In this project you have your own army that consists of different squads, and you are able to fight against the other player and build your fortifications. Also only in Just Tactics game, opposite to other turn based strategies, you will be able to use pretty awesome teleportation mechanics.


Moreover, the developers are decided to celebrate the official Just Tactics game release, so they announced fantastic promotion. When there will be 200.000 gamers in the community, they will give to each of first 10.000 ones the prize - $100! By the way, Just Tactics game itself costs only $19.99 and also before purchasing you can try it for free.

At Mountspace we are very excited with Just Tactics game and its amazing promotion, so we contact the developers and asked several questions. Read our exclusive interview right here.

How long have you been developing this project and how the idea of it has come?

The project has been in development for the past two years. The idea for Just Tactics came from the love of table-top games, the turn-based strategy genre, and the goal of minimizing the disruptive aspect of random game mechanics like dice rolling. By minimizing the use of random mechanics, emphasis is placed on skill and execution. As a result, Just Tactics is true to its name.

How many people are involved in the game's development?

There are 8 of us working on Just Tactics. 

Which countries is the game oriented on? Does it have any localizations?

At this time the game is in English. Our chat client, from which the game is launched, supports 9 different languages using a built in translator. We are a small team and localization was not an initial priority, but as the community of players grows we may revisit this.

How do you think, is it possible that your "insane promotion" will attract cheaters, but not the gamers?

I suppose that some people will purchase the game with no intention of playing it, just so that they can make a profit through the promotion.  But, they don't get the 100.00 USD until the community grows, so even if they are not playing Just Tactics, they will likely still be promoting it, which is a good thing.  Cheerleading is a sport in of itself.  Of course we want the vast majority of the community to actually be playing the game.

Are you going to expand or change your game? Will it have any DLCs?

The plan is to continue to add more units, cards, and other content to the game. As content is added, the price of Just Tactics will rise accordingly. After you purchase the game, all future downloadable content will be yours for free.

Please, tell us about your future plans and expectations.

We will support Just Tactics as long as it has an active community. Eventually we would like to make other games as well.