Intersellar movie has got its first teaser (Movie)

Intersellar movie has got its first teaser (Movie) by  1788 views

If you're a fan of the projects, which tell about the science fiction, then today we would like to please you reporting about a film in this genre which is already under active development.

Thus, Interstellar movie - an upcoming American project directed by Christopher Nolan according to Jonathan Nolan (his brother) and Kip Thorne’s scenario - got its first trailer last weekend. And although there isn’t a lot of information about the film’s plot, but the new teaser hints that the action of the upcoming project will be fully focused on the travels in the cosmos, on the unknown thing, that mankind will only start understanding. According to the previously announced information, Interstellar movie will tell us about a certain team of explorers who travel to other dimensions through a "wormhole" - the spacetime tunnels. But in order you to be able to imagine how the film looks like, we offer you to watch the first short Intersellar teaser:

In addition we would like to inform or remind you (if someone hasn’t known or has forgotten) that this sci-fi film is scheduled to be released at the end of next year. And among the actors who have agreed to participate in this project, you will see Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Damon and many others.

And what do you think about the upcoming movie? Are you going to wait for its launch? Have you liked the first Interstellar teaser?