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IO Interactive decided to delay the “Elusive Targets” (the missions playable for limited time only) until April. There were no information about the exact date, but IO told they will be released sometime near the Sapienza chapter (that is also about to be pushed out in April).


Nevertheless, players can download the new content now (in the form of new Escalation Contracts), despite it was planned to come out later. One week for each contract, and then comes the Sapienza chapter. The Escalation Contracts that will be available soon are called The Osterman Mosaic and The Gemini Fiasco. Also, IO has announced that the new Challenge Pack titled The Vampire Magician will contain 10 new challenges. While performing them, you will have to wear the vampire magician disguise. Launching alongside the new Challenge Pack, there be a game update for all platforms that fixes "a variety of things."


Basically, fans’ general impression of the game was quite positive. If we take into consideration the fact that Hitman beta was really buggy, and all the gamers were slightly disappointed… Developers fixed all of those, and now the game is quite nice. The levels vary from easy ones and to the others that make you nervous. The best thing in offline missions is that you have multiple tries. That feature can’t be applied to the mentioned Elusive Targest. They have their own advantages, as prizes and achievements.
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