Hellraid: The Escape game has got 7 new gameplay videos

Hellraid: The Escape game has got 7 new gameplay videos by  3333 views

A few weeks ago, we told you about the release of Hellraid: The Escape game - the prequel to the upcoming survival horror with the elements of hack-and-slash and almost the same title, - and today would like to show 7 fresh game’s videos.


Thus, a couple of days ago, the project’s developer - Techland company - published 7 new Hellraid: The Escape videos, which last from two to six minutes. These gameplay trailers demonstrate us the project’s walkthrough of the different chambers (there are 7 of them, as you have already understood) in some abandoned castle. Here you will have to find the various objects and use them in order to get to the others rooms, open the different locks and kill lots of zombies and other evil spirits. Another one interesting thing is that you will have to wind up your exceptional brain to solve different enigmas and avoid the various traps, which, according to the Hellraid: The Escape videos, published below, there are a lot. And since this survival horror  is the Middle Ages themed and represents the time of alchemists and magicians, you will have to cook the potions, which will give you some super powers and speed, and even go through some mythical portals. It looks really amazing, as for us. And in order you are able to verify it, we suggest you watching new Hellraid: The Escape videos and writing us your opinion about the trailers and the game in the comments below.

Let us remind you that Hellraid: The Escape game is available on iOS, and it can be bought for $2.99.