Heavenly Bioshock Infinite trailer

Heavenly Bioshock Infinite trailer by  12829 views

The other day the developers of Bioshock Infinite game revealed interesting documentary video about Columbia, but today they decided to treat us with new beautiful Bioshock Infinite trailer. New artwork is devoted to Columbia again, it shows wonderful landscapes of heavenly game's setting, mysterious Prophet and beautiful female.


As we have already known, the protagonist of Bioshock Infinite game goes to Columbia - fantastic city in the sky - to find a pretty girl and bring her to his employer. Our hero has a lot of secrets in his dark past, but if he cope with this task, he will be free. However he couldn't even imagine, how fantastic Columbia is and how striking girl he is trying to kidnap. New secrets and mysteries are revealed in this Bioshock Infinite trailer, and we hope it will amaze you as much, as it amazed us. By the way, you can say everything you think about Bioshock Infinite trailer and this upcoming game in the comments below and also you can join our Facebook community to discuss any other question about gaming industry.