Has The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie got two new villains?

Has The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie got two new villains? by  5008 views

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie is an upcoming superhero action that will be released in May 2014. Yesterday its new poster appeared in the network, suggesting that Peter Parker will have to struggle against three dangerous villains, among which two were not announced earlier.

The photo that has been published in Twitter is a poster from Las Vegas. We are not sure that it is an official one, however it looks pretty legit. The poster consists of three pictures, on each of which you can see the villains that probably will appear in the upcoming movie. The rightmost hero has already been announced - it is Electro, who was the main character of The Spider-Man 2 trailer. But who are the others?


The left picture points on some hero that looks like the mechanical version of Rhino. You can look at him a little bit closer on this photo:


In the center of the poster we can see someone, who looks like Green Goblin (or Norman Osborn if you wish). The following image shows him as large as life:


What do you think about new villains in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie? Will Peter be able to manage with three dangerous enemies? Are you waiting for this film? We will be happy to see your answers in the comments below.