Has Metal Gear Solid film got the director? (Movie)

Has Metal Gear Solid film got the director? (Movie) by  3278 views

It seems that today all our news concern the films. A couple of hours ago, we showed you the fresh photos of Star Wars Episode 7 blockbuster, and now would like to tell some new information about another movie. 

Last few years the number of the films based on the different video games significantly increased, and Metal Gear Solid movie has become one of them. Although the idea of the project’s adaptation for the cinema has been discussed for many years (more than 8!), the real actions for starting the filming or at least creating the shooting team have been taken only recently. Thus, the employees of Sony - the company, which is involved in the film’s creation, - have announced that they are in the initial talks with Jordan Vogt-Roberts. According to the fresh information, they want Vogt-Roberts to become the director of Metal Gear Solid film. You may know this person thanks to such short-length films as Successful Alcoholics (2010) and Life After 25 If Born Before 1984 (2011) or his recently released drama, titled The Kings of Summer (2013), which has got lots of positif feedbacks. 


So far it’s unknown whether Jordan Vogt-Roberts will agree to accept the offered place or not, but we promise to tell you about his decision as soon as he shares it.

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