Guild Wars 2 provides the next trial weekend

Guild Wars 2 provides the next trial weekend by  3053 views
ArenaNet company on the occasion of the 8th birthday of Guild Wars 2, and in order to attract more players, offered a free trial weekend and a trial version of the game for those who want to "explore" the whole game world of fantasy within. Let us recall that the Guild Wars 2 it’s a multiplayer role-playing game that takes place in the fictional world of Tyria, which is changing under the influence of players with dynamic events.

To take advantage of this offer, which will be available in the period from 19th to 21st of April, you just have to get the activation key, which will be giving by a lot of Guild Wars 2 partner sites.

Here's the list provided by the company ArenaNet:
  1. Ten Ton Hammer
  2. GameSpot
  3. Twitch.TV
  5. Curse
  6. PC Gamer
  7. ZAM

For those who have already used the free trial weekend in November 2012, there is no need to get a new key, because your account will be available again this weekend.

More information about the campaign you can found on the official website of Guild Wars 2