GTA 6 has entered production!

GTA 6 has entered production! by  6621 views

According to new Rockstar report, the next game in the Grand Thef Auto series - GTA 6 - has entered production. Since GTA 5 was released, fans have already started questioning about the next part. As known, GTA 5 peformed as a fastest-selling game ever: in the first day Rockstar earned US$800 million, and US$1 billion in first three days. These numbers are a proof that fans’ expectations of GTA 6 are enormous. Another proof is the wandering-through-the-internet wishlist of things people want to see in the next part.


Release date:

After considering the Rockstar strategy and analyzing all the way of GTA series development, we were sure that game can be released in 2018, but in February 2016 new rumours appeared - GTA 6 release will be delayed and to be released around 2020.



As PS4 and Xbox One are the latest consoles in the gaming zone - GTA 6 will definetely be released on them, first of all. And as the demand on PC version is rather high, it will be taken into consideration, and GTA 6 will be released on PC as well. But later. Concerning PS3 and Xbox 360 - developers highly doubt that the game will be released for those ones. Sony ends supporting PS3 in 2017, and there won’t be any updates. Similar scenario will be going on with Xbox 360.

We also should take into consideration that fact that there might appear more upgraded consoles available at the moment GTA 6 releases (i.e. PS5 and Xbox Two).



Fans keep rumouring about the fundamental changes in the new part of GTA series: a single main character might lead the story. Another knocking off detail is the female protagonist.

And more! Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are tattled to be the part of GTA 6...

The preview is upcoming, check our website not to miss the wishlist and more rumours :)