Full Game of Thrones trailer is presented (Movie)

Full Game of Thrones trailer is presented (Movie) by  1990 views

Only the day before yesterday we showed you a short teaser of the very popular Game of Thrones TV series (4 season), and already today we would like to present its full trailer.

Thus, as it was promised earlier, yesterday the full Game of Thrones trailer, which briefly represents the events that occur in the fourth season of the series, was published. Again, you will see a fierce repartition of the power in the Seven Kingdoms, where everyone, who imagines himself the only one true sovereign, wants to create his (or her) own "right" world. There is no justice, no definite good or evil, and our heroes will have a lot of difficulties, choosing the side on which they will be fighting. You will see more battles, the rivers of blood, the incredibly cruel conspiracies and the very tangled love peripetias. But in order you are able to verify it, we suggest to watch the first full Game of Thrones trailer, published below, which shows the storylines taking place in season 4 of the series.

For the fans of this fantasy drama TV series we are reminding that the first episode of the fourth season of Game of Thrones will be released on April 6 at 21:00. And if you are in Europe, then expect the new series in the morning of the 7th.