Fresh rumors about Ant-Man and Star Wars: Episode VII casts (movie)

Fresh rumors about Ant-Man and Star Wars: Episode VII casts (movie) by  4034 views

The greater movie is, the more rumors appear around it. Thus, now Hollywood is discussing new information about the probable actors in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII and Ant-Man films. And we are ready to share these buzzes with you.

The first news is about Gary Oldman, who may join the Star Wars: Episode VII cast. In the recent interview, the actor told that the creators of the future blockbuster have already called him and suggested playing some role. However, Gary doesn't want to make an official announcement before the deal is done.

Gary Oldman is a well-known English actor, who performed the leading roles in dozens of famous movies. The fans of science fiction and fantasy projects may have seen him in Planet of the Apes, Harry Potter and Batman series or The Fifth Element action.

Also, we would like to remind you that three iconic stars of the original trilogy - Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford - will join the Star Wars: Episode VII cast, while Jesse Plemons is rumored to play a Luke's son.

The second portion of the information is about Ant-Man film. According to the numerous sources, Evangeline Lilly may play a female leading role in the upcoming superhero movie. For now the actress is involved in the early stages of negotiations, so we don't know, whom she may perform. But we know for sure that Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas will be featured in this film.


Evangeline Lilly takes part in The Hobbit series, but her most famous role is Kate Austen from Lost TV show. By the way, her partner from the Lost stage - Josh Holloway - is rumored to join the cast of another superhero action - Batman vs. Superman.