Fresh Need for Speed ​​trailer teaches the extreme driving (Movie)

Fresh Need for Speed ​​trailer teaches the extreme driving (Movie) by  3929 views

Two weeks ago we demonstrated you Need for Speed trailer, which shows how to create a real muscle car for the upcoming movie, and now we want to share another project’s video.

Thus, a new Need for Speed ​​trailer is called Driving School ... Again and, as you may have already guessed, learns to drive a car. But that is not a simple driving school, in which you are shown how to control the car, but the lessons of the racing. Dominic Cooper - the star of the upcoming Need for Speed movie, - is driving the car in the video and trying to learn a few simple tricks of the race from the pros. These skills will be very useful for him because, as we know, the new blockbuster will have lots of intense and very dangerous pursuits, when one wrong move during the execution of the most difficult tricks or drifts can cause lots of accidents. So if you're wondering how to race in the reality, as well as what progress Dominic Cooper has reached in this area, we advise you to watch Need for Speed trailer, which appeared last night.

We’d like to remind you that Need for Speed movie will hit our cinemas very soon, on the 14 of March 2014.

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