Formula 1 2013 game is officially presented! (screenshots, video)

Formula 1 2013 game is officially presented! (screenshots, video) by  4372 views

Yesterday Codemasters company, the developer of various racing game series, among them is Grid 2 (which has been recently released), announced another game in this genre. We are talking about Formula 1 2013 - the next part in Formula One game series.

Thus, according to Codemasters’ press-release, Formula 1 2013 game will be released this autumn for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and will be available in two editions: Formula 1 2013 and Formula 1 2013: Classic Edition. The first one will include new cars, tracks, the star drivers (such as Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez) and new ones from the 2013 season, the updated rules, the online multiplayer, the split-screen, and even some new (and old ones) game modes.

Formula 1 2013: Classic Edition is a premium package, which consists of Formula 1 2013 game, Formula One classic content from the 1980s (4 cars, 10 famous drivers, circuits) and 1990s (6 new cars and a lot of famous drivers).


Also, Grand Prix mode with full integration to RaceNet service will be returned to Formula 1 2013 game. This mode will give you the opportunity to be in your favorite drivers shoes and play a single race, or complete a full Formula One season and obtain your long-awaited glory.

In addition, Codemasters company demonstrated Formula 1 2013 cars’ screenshots which you can see below (all screenshots are in our FB community).