First exciting World of Warships video

First exciting World of Warships video by  3785 views

Yesterday, company released the first cinematographic World of Warships video for this free-to-play online game about Second World War.

We would like to remind that is planning to present its current MMO-projects for the first time at the international E3 event, which will take place in Los Angeles less than in a week. We are talking about such free online games as World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes. Obviously, this impressive World of Warships video was released special for this significant event for the company. So we invite you to watch this cinematic trailer in order to be able to appreciate first epic sea battles of the twentieth century:

World of Warships game is a free-to-play naval MMO-action game that immerses the player into the world of the most terrible and destructive battles of the Second World War. In this action, gamers will be provided for several types of ships for the battles: irreplaceable aircraft carriers, battleships, and even powerful heavy cruisers. The presence of all this technology will give you the possibility to use a variety of tactics and strategies with the sole purpose - to win the battles.

In addition to World of Warships video, company has shared some of its closest plans for World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes. So, the developers are planning to combine all three games by creating a common global map, thus allowing the fight on all fronts at the same time.