Final The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer has been released (Movie)

Final The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer has been released (Movie) by  3733 views

It seems that today is a blockbusters’ day. Just two hours ago, we showed you the new Godzilla video and now we would like to share the freshest trailer of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film.

So, just two hours ago, Columbia Pictures presented to the public the final The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer. Although the creators of movie series about the Spider-Man have already published a lot of interesting videos, but today’s trailer differs from them. First of all, this is the last video that we will be able to enjoy until the release of the blockbuster. Secondly, the new The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer lasts longer than other videos and actually reveals the whole story of the film. Here you will see how Peter meets an old friend - Harry Osborn, how the latter one invites him to Oscorp and how the whole subsequent story of this corporation and its secret experiments begins and continues. You will also get to know that the father of our hero - Richard Parker - has tried to reveal how Oscorp had used his secret researches and apparently paid for it the ultimate price.


In addition, the final The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer shows what our hero will have to face on the road to justice and rescue of the New York’s citizens. It will be incredibly difficult. But in order you to be able to personally verify it, we suggest you watching this video. You will like it.

We’d like to remind that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film will hit the USA cinemas on the 2nd of May.