Fast and Furious 7 film has been shot (Movie)

Fast and Furious 7 film has been shot (Movie) by  4322 views

The good news for all fans of this franchise who have been waiting and hoping that the next motion picture about the crazy and exciting races will be released no matter what.

Yesterday, the direсtor of the seventh movie - James Wan - wrote in his Twitter account that Fast and Furious 7 film has been finally shot. If you follow the news about this blockbuster, then you know that the filming of this incredible picture was under the threat of failure when the actor, who performed one of the main roles in the movie, - Paul Walker - tragically died last autumn. The film’s creators have had the intention to stop shooting Fast and Furious 7 movie, but the project’s team headed by Vin Diesel, supported by millions of fans all over the world, has persuaded the producers to finish the movie’s shooting in Paul’s honor.  


So, yesterday, the day before the previously announced release date - the 11th of July, - Fast and Furious 7 film was shot. In favorem of this important event, Fast and Furious family, as they call themselves, have published a letter of thanks to all franchise’s fans. There they have described their actions after Paul’s death and which measures have been taken to create this special film in honor of Walker. You can read more in the letter, published below.


We’d like to remind you that Fast and Furious 7 film will hit the cinemas in April 2015.

Are you going to watch it? Are you happy that it has been shot? We’ll be glad to read your answers at the bottom of the page.