Empire by GoodGame - Free-to-Play MMO Strategy

Empire by GoodGame - Free-to-Play MMO Strategy by  9223 views

There hasn’t been any info about the MMO strategy games on our website lately, so GameSpace team would like to recommend you a really nice and stuffed online strategy game by GoodGame Studios - Empire!


The principle of this type of games is well known for you if you’ve played any MMO strategy: to be cool and rule a huge empire you need to produce goods like stone or wood, you need the defensive and offensive force  - an army - to expand your territories and protect them from invasions. However, GoodGame’s Empire has some obvious benefits…


  • A huge and rich variety of buildings, each of them also can be upgraded.
  • In-game updates pop up each week and add fresh content, and regular events and tasks won’t let you get bored.


  • Another strong part of Empire is its huge community: as this game comes in more than 20 languages you’ll be able to communicate with thousands of people from all over the world (to be more accurate - more that 70 million players are enjoying Empire), that has never been a bad thing.
  • Empire also has a unique Alliance and pact system with a useful alliance chat that will make the communication more convenient and easy.


  • Now about support: its help is in ALL the proposed languages, so it’s not necessary to use Google Translator to ask why your transaction didn’t pass.
  • Battles? Sure, there’s a huge choice of military units that can be customized. Of course, epic battles are waiting for your army to join!
The most obvious and important Empire advantage is that the game is free-to-play, so tell your friends about this game, join the same alliance and attack your enemies. You can register for Empire here. Have a good game!