Edge of Tomorrow got an epic trailer (movie)

Edge of Tomorrow got an epic trailer (movie) by  3739 views

Imagine that you are taking part in a dangerous battle with aliens and in the hottest moment of the fight you die. However, it is not the end - tomorrow you will wake up before this war and again will combat and die. Edge of Tomorrow movie's protagonist runs through this crazy time loop over and over again.


New science-fiction action with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt - Edge of Tomorrow movie - tells us a story about a soldier, who uses the futuristic weapons and struggles against the aliens. In the battle he dies, but then wakes up and again sees his own death. It seems that he will never leave this dizzy loop, but a girl he meets one day knows something and is trying to help him. From one death to another he becomes stronger, so will he be able to win? The answer on this question we will find out on the 6th of June, 2014, when Edge of Tomorrow movie is released.

But already today we advise you to watch the first trailer of the upcoming blockbuster. Epic and dramatic video gives us the first glimpse of the future project and really impresses. "Live. Die. Repeat". We are sure, it will be great.