Drive Club game: new details and features

Drive Club game: new details and features by  5813 views

This week was rich with news about racing games. Just yesterday we reported that new Project CARS trailer was released, and today we want to tell some details of another racing simulator - Drive Club game.

Let's start with the good news. Yesterday Evolution Studios, the game’s developer, announced that Drive Club will have a new feature. We are talking about the number of players who can take part in the race. So if you are an avid racer, now you'll have more opportunities to make run the blood faster in the veins, because of new feature which allows 12 players participate in the same race!

But there is an unpleasant news too. So, we are talking about some differences between the full version of the game and PS Plus-version of Drive Club. According to Evolution Studios, PS Plus-version of Drive Club will be missing some content, such as some tracks and cars, but that will be in the full game. Game’s developers are asking gamers not to worry a lot because the multiplayer online mode, single player campaign and asynchronous challenges will be present in this variant of racing simulator. And all the missing tracks and cars you’ll be able to purchase separately.

In the meantime, we want to remind you that Drive Club game will be released for PS4.

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