DOTA 2 celebrates its 100 million match!

DOTA 2 celebrates its 100 million match! by  7113 views
Today Valve  celebrating a unique anniversary. The other day was played a 100,000,000 match on the new eSports discipline - DOTA 2, which is being developed by Gabe Newell.
Although the game is still in a state of closed beta testing this does not prevent it to attract 3 000 000 unique visitors per month! Its is difficult to predict how much will increase the project’s audience after release, but most likely it increase by several times!

Valve’s development team every week releases patches and updates, expanding the game and correcting all, even the most minor flaws.
This week, besides bug fixes, a new regime - Least Played appeared, which is designed to encourage players to use the new characters as well as the most played of them  are unavailable.


Also we would like to present you gameplay video of this mode, and show that even an unsightly heroes can be deadly foes!
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