Do you want to have Destiny beta code?

Do you want to have Destiny beta code? by  2445 views

Destiny game - a sci-fi MMOFPS, announced at the beginning of this year - is scheduled to be released only in the first half of 2014, but the developers of this shooter do not lose their time in vain, attracting the attention of millions of gamers already now.

Thus, Bungie company, the developer of the project, has recently announced that it will be giving Destiny beta codes away. If earlier it was reported that only those who pre-order the game will receive their coveted key to the beta testing of the shooter, the latest company’s post tells us about a random distribution of codes. So if you're a fan of massively multiplayer online first-person shooters and you want to experience the new game in this genre, then you need to follow Destiny’s pages on Facebook and Twitter, because here Destiny beta codes will be randomly distributed every day this week. So do not miss your chance!

But we would also remind you that even if you get your code now, you will be able to use it only in the first quarter of 2014, because this is the time when Destiny beta test begins.

Destiny game will be launched for current and next-gen consoles.

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