Destiny 2 Quick Start Guide

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If you’re feeling insecure about your first time playing Destiny 2, you can surely use the greatest perk of 21st century. You can read about it. And find out more about the game specifics not to be shocked by the gameplay and dozens of menu items. This is the short Destiny 2 guide that lends a helping hand is you need one. We’ve gathered a few FAQ that may be useful.

Destiny 2 quick guide

How does the XP system work in Destiny 2?

Your character basically has two characteristics: level and Power. They have a huge impact on the amount of damage you deal to your enemies, and each of them is independent. Once your gear score grows, Power increases as well. It takes into account the average value of your armor and weapon, and that’s how you can multiply the damage. The second characteristics — level — doesn’t impact on your gameplay as Power does. You simply get XP points from kills and activity rewards. Level defines stuff like equipment and available activities.

Destiny 2 quick guide

What activities can you complete in Destiny 2? 

  • Adventures — sidequests. The missions that are unnecessary to complete and don’t have any impact on the main questline (Red War). You can get loot and experience points from those. Once you’re done with all Adventures in a certain region, the vendor proposes four side quests that you can complete daily for more rewards.
  • Call to Arms — a weekly Milestone. Can be completed in PvP. Your progress depends on your performance: the better you play, the quicker you complete the quest. Usually, it takes 4 to 5 matches, but do not worry. Take your time!
  • Challenges — daily missions you can complete for extra XP and vendor tokens. Unlock them by bringing Ikora Rey to the Farm while you play Red War campaign.
  • Crucible — competitive PvP stuff. 8 maps at your disposal, same as different gaming modes (quickplay for fun, competitive for grinding). Actually, there’s more than two:
Clash — typical team deathmatch.
Control — tower defence thing.
Countdown — your team must deliver a payload to the checkpoint at limited time, your opponents defend.
Supremacy — kill the boss (Guardian), grab the reward. If you dare :)
Survival — the number of deaths is limited, once the limit is reached — wait till the round ends.

Destiny 2 quick guide

  • The Dawning — a winter holiday event, starts after Season 2 kicks off.
  • Faction Rally — an event that permits to pick one faction, and while the event is active you earn glory for everything you do in game in the name of a chosen group. Once the event is over the most loyal folks get good discounts for weaponry.
  • Flashpoint — another weekly milestone, concerns public events. You can unlock one by returning Cayde-6 to the Farm while completing the main campaign.
  • Iron Banner — an upcoming PvP monthly event, similar to Crucible.
  • Lost Sectors — short dungeons; defeat a mini-boss to get a cache key to the closest loot chest.
  • Meditations — replay story missions for more loot, XP and reputation. Available once the main campaign is completed.
  • Patrols — short missions that have nothing in common with the main story. Pick one while wandering through Destinations.
  • Raids — long and challenging missions.

Hope this explanation guide was useful for you! Any questions? Maybe, some suggestions for our future posts? Share your thoughts in comments below :)
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