Dear gamers!

Dear gamers! by  2667 views

Today we have a rather unusual plea or even offer for you. We appeal to people who feel deeply, to those who can not bear the suffering of others, especially if those others are children affected by various natural disasters, wars or conflicts, who are houseless, hungry, and don’t have any hope of a happy childhood.


We, GameSpace team, have joined the huge charity event, the purpose of which is to raise $500,000 for children from all over the world. Many gaming portals (G2A, PewDiePie), big companies in the world of gaming industry and just unindifferent gamers who really want to help as many children as possible have joined to this charity event. If you are interested in it and would like to make a donation (no matter how big it is), go to the appropriate section of G2A site or directly on the official "Save the Children" site, read about this charitable action and make your own donation, event if it isn’t big.

We, and lots of children, whom the money will help, are grateful for any aid - money, posts or other types of distribution of information.

Lets cooperate and save the children!

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