Dark Souls 2 release date and new concept arts

Dark Souls 2 release date and new concept arts by  6576 views

Fans of the first part of Dark Souls will have to wait more for the sequel of this action role-playing game - Dark Souls 2.

It has become known thanks to huge billboards, prepared by Namco Bandai Europe for the annual E3 event (which will take place next week in Los Angeles) and stationed throughout the city. According to this advert, Dark Souls 2 game won’t be released at the end of this year, as it was previously announced. The current Dark Souls 2 release date, officially confirmed by developer, - is March 2014. It means that Dark Souls sequel will go on world market 2.5 years after the game’s first part.

In addition, Crown Zhang, the new Dark Souls 2 concept artist, has published several new game’s arts in his album Weibo, which you can see below:


We would also like to remind you that even though Dark Souls 2 release date has been changed, but the game is still scheduled to be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC a bit later. Dark Souls 2 is also can be developed for the next-generation consoles.