Dark game is now available on PC!

Dark game is now available on PC! by  5534 views

Yesterday Kalypso Media company, the publisher of Dark game (which was announced in 2012),  reported that Dark was released for PC and Xbox 360 in Europe.

For those who haven’t heard anything about this game, we’ll tell you a little about the game and its features. So, Dark game is developed by Realmforge Studios in the genre of stealth-action, RPG and third-person shooter. This is a project, which tells us about the life of modern vampires. The protagonist - Eric Bane - wakes up alone in the night city, and finds out that he became a "newborn" vampire. He does not know who and what for has made it with him, but he wants to get down to bed-rock. To achieve his goal he will have to plunge into a new world, to reveal its secrets and to understand what the most ancient of the vampires are. You, being Eric Bain, will explore this universe, step by step, disclosing your vampiric abilities and learning to use them.

Although Dark game was released yesterday, but this stealth-action has become available to purchase and download on Steam and other retailers only today - July 5, 2013. And to stir up interest of gamers who are fond of vampire sagas, the game’s developers have released some new screenshots (all the screens you can see in our Facebook community):


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