Dark game has got the launch trailer

Dark game has got the launch trailer by  2946 views

Recently, we have reported that Dark game was released in Europe for Xbox 360 and PC, and shown its screenshots, and now we want to present you Dark launch trailer.

Dark trailer, which you can watch below, shows us how a newborn vampire (the protagonist) Eric Bane is killing people in different ways, which allows us to assume that he has lots of such "techniques". So you, playing Dark, obviously, won’t be bored at all. The most remarkable in this trailer is that all the actions take place against the background of the quotes of various famous European media publications, which, as we can see, consider Dark game to be promising and interesting. We suggest you make your own opinion about this stealth-action game by watching Dark launch trailer:

For those who want to know more about game and its features, we suggest you to read our previous article. And those who have already bought it and played, as always, can post comments about Dark game at the bottom of the page.

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