Company of Heroes 2 game won’t be sold in the CIS

Company of Heroes 2 game won’t be sold in the CIS by  4756 views

If you like Company of Heroes 2 game, which was released in late June, and you want to buy it, then you won’t like this news, but if it makes your flesh crawl, then you will be delighted with the following information.

After a loud process of Sega vs. THQ, the publisher of this project was faced with another much more serious problem. We are talking about a complete stop of CoH 2 sales in Russia and the CIS. According to the official information provided by 1C-SoftClub (local game’s publisher), they stopped selling Company of Heroes 2 from July 27 in connection with a huge petition in the network, which has already 17,000 signatures from angry users. They complain that the Second World War is depicted in the game with many historical distortions that are not only intentionally minimize the role of post-Soviet countries in the victory, but it is also vilified the whole Slavic people. Thus, controlling the Soviet soldiers in the game, you would have to burn the house with civilians, to shoot guerrillamen and kill other Soviet soldiers.

So, in our opinion, such a violent indignation of the CIS inhabitants is fully justified and if the CoH 2 developers will not make the necessary changes in the game, it is unlikely that this strategy will have any chance to be sold in the CIS. As for the game’s publisher comments, it think that the problem is extremely serious and it is going to find a solution for it in the near future, because, as you know, every day with no sales is a huge loss for the company.

And what do you think about it? Should Company of Heroes 2 game be excluded from the list of games for the CIS citizens or not?