Command & Conquer online starts next year!

Command & Conquer online starts next year! by  8542 views
Electronic Arts continues to keep silence about the new Command & Conquer project . After the failure of Tiberium Alliances the company is in no hurry to release even a beta version of the product, which will not become a hit.


The new concept of the f2p and full online system should restore its former glory, or at least bring the EA profit  who expect to gain some money from the now popular micro-transactions system .

Open beta test is scheduled for early 2013, although the exact date hasn't been called yet, but the developers say the following:

"We understand that you have many questions about the new series of the Command & Conquer and all wonder why we do not talk about it. We have decided to let the game speak for itself, and not run the regular advertising noise. We do not want to talk about the game, we want to show it to you. "