Capcom company has announced 13 new projects

Capcom company has announced 13 new projects by  3782 views

If you like the games, made by Japanese Capcom studio, then you will surely like this news.

So, today Capcom has officially presented thirteen social, browser and mobile games that are currently under development. Among them you will find Breath of Fire 6 (for Android/iOS and browsers), Codename: Rio (for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS), Frontier of Discovery (for Android/iOS), Euro Historia (for browsers), Monhun Everyday Airu Life (for iOS), Monster Hunter: Big Hunting Quest (for Android/iOS), Monster Hunter Mezapolta Reclaimation (for browsers), Monster Hunter Fronter G (for PS3, Wii U and Taiwan), Onimusha Soul, Street Fighter x All Capcom (for Android/iOS), Street Fighter Battle Combination (for Android/iOS). The developers have already created the official sites for the most of these games, and if you want to know more about them, then just click on the game’s title.

But as all gaming news are written for you, we would like to know your opinion about this huge Capcom’s announcement. What do you think about this, if you are waiting for the release of these projects? Your opinion you can leave in the comments below.