BioShock: Infinite new trailer and old history

BioShock: Infinite new trailer and old history by  4911 views
In its blog, Irrational Games continues to talk about the mysterious flying Columbia city from BioShock: Infinite. At first they released the video, which was made in the TV style of the 60s in USA, where they tried to reveal the history of this place.

The trailer tells about the amazing iron bird - Songbird, that is circling in the sky and protecting Columbia. Although scientists have found controversial evidences as how the birds appeared, and what its purpose is? Some say it does not give anyone enter into the city, and some that would not let anyone out of it. In any case, the general theory is that Songbird is a defender, but from whom or what not yet fully clear.

In addition the developers in an interview said that they planned to release the game BioShock: Infinite in the Renaissance style, but after the Assassin's Creed 2 announcement they had to hurriedly the scenery, and the accumulated by the time material would be enough another for 2 more games!

And in the end we would like to tell about a new BioShock: Infinite trailer, which refers to the girl Elizabeth, and the most attentive of U will be able to trace the connection between the first and the second trailers. So who is this mysterious Girl? Write your options in the comments below.